Welcome to the World of the LIVING PUPPETS®

This web page introduces you to the world of the LIVING PUPPETS® hand puppets – so colorful, so versatile and
so special. Many different hand puppets belong to the LIVING PUPPETS® family and new funny characters are
regularly added to the collection. The lovable hand puppets with their high educational value have already made
themselves at home in children‘s rooms, nurseries, schools and countless therapeutic institutions. The exceptional
quality of the puppets, the easiness they can be played with and their appealing design are outstanding.
Our puppets are children’s friends and this encourages us to develop new characters for kids to play with and
become the learning partners for both, young and old. Our puppets are family members, solo entertainers, clowns
but above all, friends! See for yourself, and enjoy!

• All of the LIVING PUPPETS® are made of high quality materials,

• Meet ASTM F963 certifications (Toy Safety regulations) and are conform with EN71

• All puppets are surface washable at low temperature/air dry.